Formula Student is the world’s biggest competition for engineers. Founded by the «Society of Automotive Engineers» in 1981, the first competition in Europe took place in 1998.
At present there are more than 600 teams from universities all over the world competing with their self-constructed race cars.

During the competition, teams deal with few challenges divided in two big categories, static and dynamic events.

•ENGINEERING DESIGN:  Judgement of the autonomous driving software stack and the vehicle platform

•BUSINESS PLAN:  Presentation in order to convince a potential investor of a profitable business idea using the self-developed race car.

•COST : Financial planning of the whole car, including manufacturing.  Teams are judged by experts at international level for each category divided in panels.


•ACCELERATION : An acceleration race over 75 m distance with a standing start.

•SKID PAD: Autonomous driving on a track shaped like an eight to test the lateral acceleration of the car.

•AUTOCROSS: Autonomous racing on an unknown track. The car has to map and localize on the fly.

•TRACK DRIVE & EFFICIENCY: An autonomous race over 10 laps on a circuit with straights, tight and high speed corners. The Efficiency scoring rates the consumed amount of energy in relation to the total time.